Zerocalcare in support of the football team fined for a banner on Cutro


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Zero limestone has always been a character ready to take sides politically, and therefore decided to support the football team of the Athletic Brighela, who was fined last week for taking the field with a banner relating to the Cutro events. And to respond to the tragedy that caused the death of more than eighty migrants, Rebibbia’s cartoonist took up the phrase “Mediterranean cemetery, no more deaths at sea”.

Here is the reply message from Athletic Brighela.

The team responded to the cartoonist using their own language and wrote:

What a burden we pijate/ia I’m here, luckily there’s the drawing, thank you (Z)ZeroCalcare!!! And thank you very much to all the people who still send us close messages.
We are not alone. Go Athletic Brighela!
We don’t give up an inch.

Athletic Brighela is an amateur team from the Bergamo area which, after entering the field with a banner on the events of Cutro, received a fine of 550 euros and a disqualification for the captain and the coach.

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