Regina Fumetti Festival: from March 30 to April 1 in Cattolica


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Preparations are underway for the first edition of Queen of Comics Festivalan event scheduled in Cattolica from March 30 to April 1, with the artistic direction of designer and illustrator Alessandro Baronciani.

The Regina Comics Festival will be a unique event on the Italian festival scene: it aims to encourage new forms of encounter and connection between the world of illustration and music, for three exclusive days of comics… which become concerts… which become real shows. In the heart of Cattolica, at the Teatro della Regina and the CCP library, will alternate readings, bootcamps, courses, exhibitions and illustrated concerts.

Among the many appointments on the bill that will enliven the three days, we have Davide Toffolo, leader of the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and cartoonist, with the show taken from his “The graphic novel is dead”; the absolute premieres of the readings/performances of Joséphine Yole Signorelli – alias Fumettibrutti-, of Holdenaccio and Eliana Albertini with Gero Arnone: all carried out during the Bootcamp (that is to say a real show creation workshop between music and comics) ; the “drawn concert” by Post Nebbia, also a world premiere, accompanied by live drawing performances; the acoustic concert of Generic Animal which presents a preview of its new album “Mondo Rosso”; illustrated courses with many representatives of the world of comics and illustration in Italy, including Ale Giorgini, Luca d’Urbino, Valentina De Poli and Alino.

To enrich the program also two exhibitions, the first entitled “Own Production” dedicated to the books and independent productions of Alessandro Baronciani, the second dedicated, for the first time in Italy, to a publishing house, namely Bao Publishing, with a guided tour with Caterina Marietti and Michele Foschini, founders of the publishing house.
And then after the festival with parties and DJ sets.

The Councilor for Culture of Cattolica, Federico Vaccarini, comments on the event as follows:

I have always dreamed of bringing a comic festival to Cattolica, in a form never seen before, through a show in which different arts will be combined.

The meetings of the Regina Fumetti Festival are free, with the exception of the theatrical performances on Friday March 31 and Saturday April 1 (price and ticket info here).
Further information and the full program can be found at

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