DC Comics: here’s how the publishing house made its comics sunnier


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In January in the United States, it started Dawn of DC, a relaunch with which the publishing house has changed its approach to characters, offering more “solar” situations and characters. The author spoke about it recently Joshua Williamsonwho worked on Superman and set up this new phase.

Here are his words:

We were coming out of Dark Crisis and years of dark approaches to DC comics. So when we came to the end of this journey, we wanted to shed a little more light on the universe of these superheroes. So we worked to make the stories a little sunnier, but at the same time giving that sense of danger and action. We also paid attention to the mythology of the characters, looking for a way to move them forward.

Joshua Williamson cited the work done on characters like Nightwing and writers like Chip Zdarsky who gave Batman “energy and action”, suggesting that, too, was central to Superman stories.

Dawn of DC is an event that will continue throughout 2023.

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