Dylan Dog: cartoonist Luigi Piccatto is dead


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At the age of 68, he died Louis Piccattohistorical illustrator of Dylan Dog, who made his debut in the series already in issue 8 titled The Return of the Monster.

This is the message with which the editor of Dylan Dog, Roberto Recchioni, paid tribute to the late Luigi Piccato.

Luigi Piccatto created 33 Dylan Dog stories on the regular series, and worked on historical subjects like Pink rabbits kill, Gran Guignol, Golconda! and The Fifth Season. In addition to working on the regular Piccato series, he also drew the Groucho albetti, published as stapled special stories between 1992 and 2000.

But in the career of Luigi Piccatto it was not only Dylan Dog, given that he also designed characters such as Magico Vento, Zagor and Nathan Never, then again Demian, and created the comic novel titled Darwin, from which a miniseries was namesake. Piccatto also created the fantasy miniseries Khor, published for Star Comics in 2007.

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