Spending more than 200 euros on a pair of jeans may sound ridiculous, especially when we can find others in firms like H&M, Stradivarius or even Zara. We leave these ‘eccentricities’ to the most staunch lovers of fashion, who either do not like to miss a single show, or have enough money to not mind spending so much on a piece of clothing.

Our culture encourages extremes when it comes to buying fashion: either people invest a lot of money in what they wear or go to the most ‘low cost’ stores. Between the abundance of deals and the countless brands offering clothes for much less money, we are conditioned to think that and, in a sense, disposable.

Trends also encourage this behavior, with designs that in the next season (or even in a few months) will already be out of fashion, so and we will buy what is taken at that time.

However, going back to the topic at hand: what is it that differentiates a basic black t-shirt from, for example, Balenciaga from and another exactly the same from Zara that does not reach ?

Balenciaga and Zara black t-shirt

“The : Balenciaga’s is 100% cotton and Zara’s, according to information on the website, its composition is as follows: 67% lyocell and 33% cotton. Therefore, Balenciaga’s is considered to be of higher quality, which together with the logo and design, increases the price to approximately €600 (depending on the model)”, tells us Jesús Reyes, an expert fashion journalist, stylist and CEO. of CoolHunting Madrid Communication.

As we can see, the quality of the materials also influences the price, since pants made of 100% durable cotton that those that have elastane and that in the end, with the rubbing, end up breaking in a short time.

“I am sure that, putting Yes, we will find differences that make that most expensive garment more special. These details can be the seams, the lining, buttons, that it has shoulder pads, invisible zippers or button closures… There are a lot of details to pay attention to,” adds the expert.

Fendi 'Total look' spotted at Milan fashion week

Another of the determining factors is both the design and those who buy it, as Jesús explains to us: “In addition to the brand, we must take into account the factor of the law of supply-demand: if there is an audience that buys it, the price is justified. And you also have to explain to the readers that and Balenciaga directs its sales to the ‘G-Z’ public, but within the luxury market/sector”.

However, when we already compare the same garment in two high-end brands, we still find a considerable difference. “If we strictly look at the quality of the fabric, it is very possible that they are very similar fabrics. But the of the garment will clearly mark the great difference between one price and another. Sometimes it is justified and on other occasions not so much,” says the expert.

Therefore, the difference . Luxury tends to bring prestige, which is why more and more firms are making sure to put the logo bigger and bigger on their ‘street style’ garments, as we are seeing with the Versace Medusa or the Polo horse. Both have gone from being a small anecdotal embroidery on one side of the shirt to being the most important element of the garment.