Law Roach talks about ‘his retirement’ in his debut as a model and celebrity: “I retire is to be of service to others”


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Celebrity stylist like Zendaya quit her job overnight, and no one expected it. He now talks about what will come in his professional life.

Having created some of Vanity Fair’s best 2023 Oscar party looks, Law Roach publicly announced that he was retiring: “If this business was only about clothes, I would be doing it for the rest of my days. But unfortunately it is not like that. Politics, lies and false narratives have finished me. You have won. I’m out“He wrote on his Instagram profile along with an image that read ‘Retired’, a message that alarmed some of his friends and even clients, who seemed unaware of this.

To the surprise of many, the recently retired stylist reappeared the next day as part of the Boss parade carousel. Indeed, not as a guest with a seat in the front row, but wearing one of the looks from the collection as other big names like Naomi CampbellPreicous Lee and other celebrities like Pamela Anderson or DJ Khaled, also living his model dream for a day.

There she gave an interview for Vogue in which she spoke for the first time about the news that she had just published a few hours earlier on her Instagram account and that had left the world -well, maybe just the fashion industry- completely shocked. “I’m not saying I’m retiring from fashion. I love fashion. I love doing business and I love working on something creative,” he confessed to the fashion newspaper with which he had collaborated so many times: “What I retire from is celebrity styling: being of service to other people. I’m retiring from that, yes.”

“I have received all the awards, the praise, I have changed the lives of many people… and I feel that we have come this far”

Roach says that he put his work before everything else in his life, something that he realized could no longer be: “I work and live in a bubble in which my clients are my priority, more than my own health and happiness“, and also for this reason he decided to make this announcement publicly, exclusively for his own good: ” I did it [anunciar su retirada] just to take a little pressure off of me (…) I said to myself: ‘You know what? I have done everything I wanted to do in this race. I have received all the awards, the praise, I have changed the lives of many people… and I feel that we have come this far (…) That Instagram post was not a public relations stunt,” he says despite the fact that many have questioned it.

What Law Roach wants to do is leave a much more important mark on others than simply be the one who dresses big Hollywood stars: “I want that to be my legacy, really help change people’s lives, and not just the famous ones by putting them in the best dress“. For the moment, the only thing that is now on her mind is to think about becoming something else, thus closing her stage as a stylist. Who knows if being a model is also part of this future for Roach: “I thank the team at Boss for seeing in me something more than the one who saw all those great celebrities”, he recognized before getting on the catwalk.

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