There are certain schools of thought that suggest that women do not dress to impress men, but to receive the approval of other women. At least that’s what a survey that the English magazine did some time ago confirms. .

The worst thought will suggest that we even do it to ‘compete’ with each other. How awful! Although I will not deny that when you coincide in a wedding with another dressed the same as you, you cross your fingers a little so that it looks worse on her than on you. and they can cause real schisms and if not tell the Princess of Wales and her sister-in-law, the . We already know that the British Royal House has decided to maintain total silence regarding the outbursts that the young son of King Charles III and his wife are continually making. But it seems that Catalina wanted to send a message to Meghan, without opening her mouth. In celebration of He wore a spectacular two-piece navy blue, with a New Look aesthetic, signed by Erdem. So far everything is correct, the dart comes because gossips say that one of the biggest brawls that the former actress had was over a dress from this brand. She wanted to wear it for an event and from her signing they told her that . To which, reportedly, she yelled, “But it’s not like she was the queen!” Probably due to lack of habit, the American never assimilated very well (stylistic or not)

BBC era

Speaking of looking for looks, it comes to my mind that right now thousands of women around the world are looking for and capturing the perfect outfit for a wedding, baptism and/or communion. With the arrival of spring the marathon of events begins and . The . For a baptism I can still see it, it is even aesthetically beautiful (because of the significance of the color), but that’s it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m practically the same height as the 8-year-old girls, but I don’t understand it very well and I would be afraid of being confused with one of them…. It is okay that you have given birth to the child and that makes you an important part of the event, but it seems to me a. Needless to say about those women who dress in very light colors at night weddings, with light fabrics and almost tails. Anyway. The desire to get the attention of certain people has overwhelmed me lately.

By the way, I know you’re going to ask me. If this year your son makes communion, he chooses if you opt for white that mixes with color, either in the prints or in the accessories.

the oscar diet

To finish this hodgepodge column that I have left this week, I cannot stop commenting onAs I unfortunately predicted, it was classic, glamorous and perhaps a bit boring. The crisis, friends ‘ropers’. But what I did not expect is the alarming return to the stereotype of the late 90s and early 2000s. Many, clearly, below their weight. We have already said here that . Neither above nor below. But just like at the Oscars, this season’s catwalks have lost the diversity of bodies that we had achieved in recent years. I don’t know, I’m worried about the stereotypes, the images that young girls receive in droves.

Lady Gaga at the 2023 Oscars

And yes, yes, I’m done. But for a good image, the one that will give the , undergoing three years of military training, exactly like his father. We hope that the Royal House will make us part of this path. The army is still short of women and the fact that the next heiress to the Spanish Crown, like the heiresses of other European countries, is part of our Armed Forces is a great example.

Princess Eleanor returns to Wales tomorrow