The naked effect dress, or ‘naked dress’, have become one of the favorites of the ‘celebrities’ on the red carpets and we do not stop seeing them in every self-respecting parade. and it seems that this trend is going to hit the streets this summer.

Florence Pugh was one of the first celebrities who dared with this style, that became one of the great controversies of Milan fashion week just a year ago. However, she was the pioneer in getting Hollywood to stop (again) from being afraid to show different parts of our anatomy and many singers and actresses followed her.

Its less daring version was already worn by Marilyn Monroe, with a beige dress with which and that she was only dressed by hundreds of diamonds attached to her body. This option is much more followed by everyone, since the level of exposure and nudity is much lower.

In the middle, we find a third option that we will see more on a day-to-day basis, such as wearing completely transparent garments, but thatso that we follow this daring trend without getting to see anything we don’t want.

Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award

stylist tricks

These three options are perfect for any type of woman, choosing the one that best suits her personality or the context of where she is going to take it. However, dressing in this way is not easy, which is why we have resorted to so that she can give us the best tricks to wear nude-effect looks without suffering in the attempt.

“To look elegant and avoid accidents when wearing a nude-effect dress, the first advice will be a correct choice of underwear,” the stylist begins by revealing. ” A bodysuit, if possible strapless, will generate the sensation of an inner corset that will also be a good choice,” he adds.

One of the best advice that Piluka gives us is that, since the underwear is going to be visible, it is best that the color it has is a similar tone to our skin, so that it is hardly noticeable and is more integrated. with the look or what so that it becomes the protagonist of the set.

Anya Taylor-Joy at the Critics Choice Awards, 2023

If we are more shy and want to divert attention away from our body a bit, “a few they will generate the sensation of being more dressed, therefore, they will perfectly close the outfit”, the stylist tells us.

Attention to detail is also very important, and we must pay attention to the hairstyle we wear. “The hairstyle will also count for a lot, nothing light or casual, it is best to choose a that dresses you again without adding clothes”, he warns us.

Finally, he gives us some advice for those dresses that, although they are not transparent, do like those presented by Schiaparelli or Jean-Paul Gaultier: “If the dress is not transparent, but has parts of the female body printed on it, let’s give it the greatest sophistication: “.

Chiara Ferragni at the Sanremo festival