Neither pompous skirts, nor budgets of thousands of euros. More and more brides are opting for minimalism and wedding dresses or affordable to celebrate one of the most romantic days of your life, and It would be my choice if I said ‘I do’ tomorrow.

With spring just around the corner, in a literal way, we have emotions on the surface and romantic comedies hanging around our heads after so many film festivals, we can only think of living one of these stories that end up giving the ‘ yes I want’ with and I have found it.

Zara’s ‘low cost’ wedding dress

The most important thing about your wedding day is to feel special and favoured, this is not synonymous with having to make a huge financial outlay on a garment that you only wear once in your life. And proof that this is possible, that you must book before it runs out (whether or not you are engaged) because it is aligned with the minimalist trend that all brides-to-be follow.

Zara's last-minute wedding dress

This Zara dress is a special edition in pink and pearl gray silk with embroidery, adjustable straps and a flowing bodice that ends in an asymmetrical skirt with a sensual opening on the leg. Sequins and beads decorate the wavy seams of this design for brides who don’t want to complicate their wedding day, and all for the price of 159 euros. Discovering it has made me want to treasure it in my closet until

The wedding dress you dreamed of

On the web it is currently only available in XL, and it is sure that there is more than one bride in a hurry who, upon seeing it, has not hesitated to take a step forward towards the altar and, even without a partner or commitment, to get hold of it for when it arrives. your special day. Definitely,

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