I once read that hair has the “power” to keep memories and energies in it, you can call me a mystic but I believed it and that is why every time an important moment in my life occurs I accompany it with as do so many and famous. And this is who have cut their losses with a haircut

Both the Italian influencer Chiara and our Spanish Paula share a decade, both are in their thirties and they are not the only ones who at this point in their lives decide to cut their hair. I’ve seen this myself on some of my friends who just blew out the 30s candles by debuting their new over-the-shoulder hairstyle.

Thirties haircut

The main reason why all thirty-year-old girls are tempted by this haircut is its rejuvenating power. At the same time that Well, it is a style that reminds us of those haircuts from our childhood.

Without any mystery, the thirty-something haircut is (not even the much-used curtain bangs), which manages to enhance the natural and most innocent shape of the hair, simply by letting it be.

In the case of Chiara, who will soon be 36 years old, she wears the with her characteristic blonde based on highlights with a natural root effect in dark blonde. His favorite bet to style it are broken waves, although

Unlike the Italian, Paula is a novice as far as this haircut is concerned because it hasn’t even been two weeks since she dared to take the plunge. Maintaining her chocolate brown color, she has personally shared that her change has been done to accompany the vital moment she is currently going through. And this has given him strength. How does she comb it? With a blow dryer and with that straightens the hair but leaving it loose, with volume and some movement at the ends.

Both they agree:

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