The actor, singer, songwriter and now beauty entrepreneur stands out for his multidisciplinary attitude. True to the gender-neutral approach, the products he has released include both men and women, and the sale is limited to four packs per person.

For a long time Harry Styles dreamed and worked with the ‘Pleasing’ project: products faithful to him and whose beginning comes from nail polishes, he told the media . And it is that he has spent years wearing ‘ultrachic’ nail polish in all his events and performances, so it makes sense that this is his first big bet.


‘The Perfect Polish Set’ is the flagship product made up of four nail polishes, one in blue (Inky Pearl), another in pink (Granny’s Pink Pearls) and two in white (Perfect Pearl and Pearly Tops). The best thing about it is the minimalist finish of the design, with a beautiful spherical cap that collects the essence of each color that the nail polish is made of. Its price is 59 euros and each bottle consists of 13 ml.


You can also buy two of the colors individually for the price of 18 euros each.

‘Pleasing’ also has products for the face and for this it has the catalog ‘The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum’, designed with an applicator filled with small mica balls and which costs 32 euros.


It is an illuminating serum that contains antioxidants, amino acids and vitamin B5, and can be used on all skin types, even as a makeup primer.

And finally, it also includes ‘The Pleasing Pen’ which, being a kind of metallic pen with two ‘roll-ons’, is good for refreshing the eye contour as well as for the lips. This one costs 27 euros.

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