In the last weeks had been actively involved in promoting until suddenly, last Wednesday, he did not attend the premiere of the film in New York. Reddick had been playing Charon, manager of the Continental Hotel, since the beginning of the saga, and had already confirmed his participation in the spin-off with , ; also in an upcoming series of . Today, however, the death of Reddick has been announced.

No cause of death has been disclosed. Reddick was 60 years old and was in the prime of his career, with several projects per year (another of his last films would be the remake of ). The fourth installment will be released shortly and will feature him, without it being clear if he had time to shoot all of his part to ballerina. Beyond, however, the character he embodied in this saga, Reddick has an incombustible career behind him, both in film and on television.

Born in Baltimore in 1962, Reddick attended the Yale School of Drama. His big break came in 1997 with , one of the first series of the golden age of television that stimulated HBO, where he played John Basil. Reddick didn’t walk away from HBO for a few years after embodying on the most popular character of his career with the permission of Charon: the upright policeman one of the leaders in the crusade against drug trafficking in Baltimore.

Reddick was Daniels in all 60 episodes of The Wirea role that earned him enough praise for him to I would like to collaborate with him: he did it both in the final episodes of like in , where he played Phillip Broyles during his five seasons. In the second decade of the 2000s, his roles began to multiply, appearing in 2013 both in as in the of .

The following year he participated in and debuted in the first as a henchman of the character of . In 2017 she played for motion capture to Sylens, central character of the video game (he would play him again in the 2022 sequel,), while that year he returned to. In 2018 he intervened inof and the following year we could see him both in a third john wick like in.

Come 2020 he appeared both in and the following year he was part of the cast of the successful . Returning to his link with video games, he had to play Albert Wesker in the series ofthat Netflix released without much success in 2022.

the hollywood tribute

Shortly after the news broke, several industry figures, whether they have worked directly with Reddick or not, wanted to pay their respects. has written on Twitter that “it was a guy , and an incredibly talented actor.” “This is heartbreaking. My love to all his family, friends and collaborators.

a member of the family of The WireHe said he was “shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of Lance Reddick.” “You will be missed.”

is another actor The Wire who also wanted to pay tribute to Reddick. “A man of great strength and grace. As talented as a musician as an actor. . An unexpected and stinging pain for our artistic family. Unimaginable suffering for his family and loved ones.”

The actor and director has written: “Lance Reddick was a beautiful, well-rounded actor, and a wonderful person. He worked with my mother Anne Meara on her play . He was exquisite in everything he did.”