The death of who died in Madrid at the age of 92, not only deprives us of one of the historical faces of television in Spain. It has also left us without an actress who, during her career, worked in some of the funniest and most popular comedies in our cinema.

Born in Seville, and a model during the first years of her professional life, Valenzuela made her film debut with a small role in The couplet fisherman (1954, starring and to later join the cast of a who was still babbling. But it was her wedding in 1958 with the producer which launched his film career.

From that year on, we could see her in the violetera, one of the (then) scandalous films starring And also, along with in The tenant, film of which drew the ire of the censors for portraying in a tone of black comedy the problems of the average Spaniard to find housing. Something that, as can be seen, has hardly changed over time.

But the true splendor of Laura Valenzuela came from 1959. That was the year in which she filmed in The cheaters, hilarious comedy about a group of small-time con men in which Tony Leblanc also participated, and

In 1960, Valenzuela repeated with Leblanc, Ozores and Lazaga (more in The economically weak set in the world of third division football. This was followed The ones that have to serve 1967), a film whose condescending vision of domestic service is quickly forgotten thanks to the talent of a cast that includes Concha Velasco, López Vázquez and a then young

Again with Tony Leblanc and Alfredo Landa, the actress premiered in 1968 The underdeveloped, a detective comedy that could be said to be very inspired by Mortadelo and Filemon. Waxing leg, waning skirt (1970, from the always interesting and the drama Spanish in Paris 1971) preceded his farewell to the cinema, motivated by the birth of his daughter

On the other hand, Laura Valenzuela also had an international career that led her to work with the legendary director (Cyrano and d’Artagnan, 1964), (Madame Sans-Gene, 1961) and (The black tulip, 1964). But the best of his filmography will always be in those tapes that, although they may be dismissed as old or dandy, maintain their ability to make the viewer smile.

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