Before silence the skeptics to sweep the world box office (it takes collected and has quickly slipped into the highest grossing films in history),He already had his sequel filmed. The director’s megalomaniac plan covers three more installments, with premieres scheduled for he and the .

we can see next year (with rumors suggesting that his title would be ). However, and true to Cameron’s style, the extent of the material shot is so vast as to require some measure among the ringleaders of and : the director has shot up of footage, an outrage that of course is impossible to project in a commercial cinema. What to do then?

The easy solution would be, of course, to edit them. Those 9 hours still lack the CGI and post-production, which is what usually takes the most time and work, so Cameron could cut the footage down considerably and build on the visual effects. But that would be the sensible option. Journalists andin his latest podcastThey say that they have heard rumors that Cameron wants to work on the CGI of those 9 hours, without leaving anything in the pipeline.

As the director is aware of the difficulty of releasing all this, he would be thinking of a plan B with the connivance of Disney: finally editing the material from avatar 3 to make it premiere, but save those 9 hours for a later special premiere. For example, as a miniseries destined for the Disney+ catalog.

there is no one to stop him

“The idea is that Cameron does all the visual effects for his 9-hour version of avatar 3and then premiere it on Disney + after the launch of the cinema assembly”. The journalists compare the play with what it was : a highly anticipated and expensive project that lasted four hours, and was added directly to the HBO Max catalog with great enthusiasm from subscribers.

This would strengthen the presence of Avatar in it streaming, as an extended version to complement what we will see on the big screen. From the argument of this avatar 3By the way, not much is known beyond the fact that he will present a new tribe of (the associated with fire in the same way as the of are associated with water. This tribe, led by will show us the dark side of Pandora as it is much more hostile than what has been seen so far on the planet.

It has also been dropped that the point of view of the narration will pass from Jake Sully () to one of his children, consolidating the generational change that was . For now there is no official confirmation that Disney wants to release the avatar 3 of 9 hours.