Agent Elvis, the review: on the secret services of the king of rock


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From today, March 17, it is available on the streaming platform netflix the animated series Agent Elvis of which we offer an analysis below. In this Agent Elvis’ review it should be emphasized that this cartoon is an interesting and carefully selected product, certainly capable of attracting fans of the king of rock, but not only. A violent cartoon and not for children, and which for this reason manages to bring out elements capable of attracting an adult audience on screen.

Between humor, espionage and rock

Agent Elvis' review

We’ve titled this review of Agent Elvis using the historical feature Agent 007 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service precisely to emphasize the spy story spirit that sets this animated series apart. For all fans it is known that Elvis in the 70s asked President Nixon himself to become a secret agent, also taking advantage of his skills as a Kung Fu fighter. And in Agent Elvis, this line is used to put the king of rock in the crazy condition of having two assistants and a monkey by his side to face the most disparate and dangerous enemies. The intriguing aspect is the fact that Agent Elvis is contaminated with many historical and musical events, the context of the late sixties and early seventies is well exploitedcomparing Presley to figures such as Charles Manson, the moon landing and the moments that characterized this part of his career: from the 1960s television special to his concerts in Hawaii. In Agent Elvis we find a caricatural character but, at the same time, able to trace what the real Elvis did in life. And to guarantee all this there is the presence as producer of the project of Priscilla Presley, his ex-wife and most beloved person.

The intriguing aspect is the fact that Agent Elvis is contaminated by many historical and musical events, the context of the late sixties and the beginning of the seventies is well exploited.

Agent Elvis uses a type of animation at Cartoon Network, which uses characters drawn in a somewhat cartoonish style, but creates a visual sector very suitable for an adult show. There’s no shortage of gore, splatter moments and mature content (with the use of hard drugs). And it helps to clearly define what Agent Elvis intends to do: to present itself to an adult audience, who should or would also like to know the journey of the king of rock, and who can be satisfied by the historical and contextual care and attention of the different episodes. There is clearly no shortage of interesting spy plots, which however could have been a little more articulate, stopping less at the surface. This caricatural aspect, in fact, is visible not only in the visual trait of the series, but also a little in the writing., with an Elvis who almost always remains in two dimensions, and that’s a shame given the depth of the character and his artistic and personal journey. But, some hints of tormented Elvis are there, like his moments of delirium on stage. And to give depth to the level of action of the character there is the voice of in the original language Matthew McConaugheywho as a Texas man manages to give an accurate voiceprint to another Southern man who is Presley himself.

Pay attention to the historical period and on the way to Elvis

Agent Elvis' review

Agent Elvis is a recommended series for all fans of the king of rock, who will not be disappointed with the attention with which the series has been treated, despite its non-biographical intention. But each episode marks a historic moment and a piece of Elvis’ artistic and life journey, adding good spy plots, impressive allies (including the vicious monkey Scatter), and humorous moments that further season the animated series. We’re in an age of entertainment where thankfully the idea of ​​cartoons as just a product for children has been cleared for decades, and Agent Elvis has every intention of wanting to entertain a certain type of audience, by putting inside all the elements that can characterize an entertainment show for seniors.

Each episode marks a historic moment and a piece of Elvis’ artistic path and life, adding some good spy storylines.

Rock music fans will also be swept away by references to other myths of that era, such as the presence of the Doors, and the antipathy (or envy) the mature Elvis had for the young and rising Jim Morrison. . Perhaps only the presence of Priscilla Presley could help insert some small details that make this Elvis agent precious, which arrives at a time when the figure of the king of rock was further revived by the film by Baz Luhrmann, starring Austin Butler in the lead role.

In conclusion, I recommend the Agent Elvis animated series to all fans of mature animated series with humorous overtones, fans of the King of Rock, and fans of stories set in the USA in the 60s and 70s.

Agent Elvis is available from March 17 on Netflix.

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