turned to in someone to follow in indie American, but no one expected the impact it would cause four years later, in 2014, with . This horror parable became one of the most acclaimed films of the genre, paving the way for was an even more ambitious film, with the leading role of .

It happened in 2018, and since it is by no means a box office success (yes, an automatic cult film), Mitchell has not been able to raise a project since then. Hence, it is such good news that, according to hollywood reportera study like have trusted his vision for a fourth film. This one lacks a title, the only thing that is known is that Mitchell wants to shoot it in IMAX and would start production this fall.

It has also transcended the name of its protagonist: Anne Hathaway. The oscared actress, recently seen in will star in Mitchell’s film, shooting his work in (screened at the Berlin Festival) and his presence in the film by which has been in pre-production for years.

Along with Warner, Mitchell’s film is sponsored by . That is, the seal of which theoretically continues to develop these days thatblack i was going to write We hope to know more details of what’s new from Mitchell soon.