shortly after that was chosen to play the protagonist of the remake of produced by Disney, the hashtag emerged on social networks . Naturally, he announced a racist campaign, which continued a succession of months where Bailey’s skin color made him suffer all kinds of attacks on the Internet, with a later milestone in the publication of the first teaser of the movie.

There he appeared singing and the YouTube clip netted 1.5 million views. It is more or less what has happened with the final trailer of the film, directed by based on the 1989 animated classic. Disney spent dollars in which said trailer was issued during the Oscars ceremony, last, and the advance returned to earn an inadmissible hatred. It had 3 million negative votes, and about .

The organization has echoed what happened, and the post has been shared with all rejection by Within Disney, this actor has been the voice of in and interpreted to in other remake,, and has sided with Bailey in the face of the onslaught of racism. “Go figurelike your main concern in life is the skin color of… ”, he tweets.

The new Little Mermaid has in its cast, in addition to Bailey, with and . Its director, the same Marshall of , already reacted at the time to the rejection that Bailey inspired. “I had a feeling that we were past those things. ”he said sadly.

The Little Mermaid opens this and surely shortly after you arrive you will experience review bombing and other puerile mobilizations by the same as always.