‘A Almost Duo’: Learn more about the comedy with Cauã Reymond and Tata Werneck that is among the most viewed movies on Netflix


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If you are a fan of Films of comedy and are looking for some on streaming platforms to have a good laugh this Saturday night, we present below the tip of one that promises to keep your eyes in front of the television from beginning to end.

This is the national comedy film ‘Uma Almost Dupla’, released in July 2018. Directed by Marcus Baldini and with a script by Leandro Muniz, the film revolves around the policemen, Keyla and Claudio, with completely opposite personalities.

They join forces to unravel the murders committed in Joinlândia, a fictional city in the interior of Brazil. Claudio is an underboss who is not used to violence and gets sick when he sees a crime scene. Keyla, for her part, is a brave investigator sent from Rio de Janeiro. Watch the official trailer:

The film stars actress, presenter and comedian Tata Werneck, who currently hosts artists on her ‘Lady Night’ talk show for unusual conversations and plenty of jokes, and actor-producer Cauã Reymond, known for bringing hit characters to life on successful soap operas on TV Globo, such as ‘Avenida Brasil’, ‘Um Lugar Ao Sol’, ‘A Regra do Jogo’, among others.

In addition to the duo, the film also features some of the following names in the cast: Valentina Bandeira, Gabriel Godoy, Daniel Furlan, Augusto Madeira, Ary França, Louise Cardoso, Alejandro Claveaux, Ilana Kaplan, among other actors.

‘A Almost Duo’ is available on Netflix for subscribers, contains an indicative rating for ages 12+ and lasts for 1 hour and 29 minutes. Currently, it ranks third in the list of the most watched movies on the platform in Brazil. In addition, it can also be found in the Paramount + and Prime Video catalog.

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