A big contender for this year’s Oscars was . The new of () had acting nominations for his entire cast: and . In addition to the nomination for Best Director and Film, and although it was left empty, this tragicomedy has dazzled the public from a great trigger that was masterfully executed.

In the claustrophobic setting of Inisherin Island, Colm (Gleeson) decides overnight that he no longer wants to be friends with Padréic (Farrell). The absurdity of this approach will give way to an existential fable that does not skimp on black humor and its meme potential: something that has ended up exploding coinciding with the . is the creative director of and has taken advantage of this day to share his latest work.

Is about and it is nothing less than a video game based on Banshees by Inisherin. The plot a priori seemed little , but Hozier-Byrne and his team have come up with a way: the player controls Colm, and he moves around the Inisherin map wanting to get to the pub without getting caught by Padreic. Along the way he has to collect the fingers that he himself has amputated, as we saw in McDonagh’s film, but this only happens in the first level.

'Banshees: The Game' gameplay

From then on, new characters invade the map and make it difficult for Colm to hide in the pub without having to start a conversation with anyone. So Padreic is joined by his sister Siobhan (Condon), the village idiot Dominic (Keoghan) and even the donkey Jenny. All these levels are highly addictive thanks to the fact that Cogs & Marvel have been clearly inspired by : Colm is the Pacifier, and the rest of the inhabitants of Inisherin are the ghosts.

“It was fun to take such a dark and atmospheric narrative and turn it into ”, reveals Hozier-Byrne. The game is full of small nods to the film beyond the Irish map, with very specific music, labels that describe the action style and a screen of Game Over who finds Colm suffering Padreic in the pub. He’s a delightful way of injecting frivolity into such a serious film, and it hooks his own.

Colin Farrell has got you

you can play Banshees: The Game here.