The remakes in real action from animated classics are a gold mine for . With exceptions like either (which went to), the has deposited an immense trust in them, and after the blockbusters of either it is not for less. Even without the critical applause, the public tends to flock to these nostalgic parties.

Naturally, this is reflected in the attention his trailers now the review live action most anticipated from Disney, giving new life to the 1989 film that precipitated the company animation. Directed by and composed of the songs of its cast is made up of either. is, meanwhile, Ariel.

A signing that has brought controversy due to racial issues, to the point that the latest trailer for The little Mermaid was bombed to and unleashed the ire of another Disney worker like(voice of in and actor of Beauty and the Beast). The point is that, according to hollywood reporterthe rejection in networks has not prevented the latest advance from The little Mermaid sweep in terms of number of views.

Disney left a pasture in which the trailer for The little Mermaid was issued during the last ceremony of the he . It was presented at the height of the Bailey and McCarthy ceremony, and it seems to have hadof views in its first 24 hours. The scale contemplates both the reproductions on television and those of YouTube and social networks, and it is enough for The little Mermaid beat a record

The trailer for The little Mermaid It is the most watched of a movie live actionfrom disney from The Lion King. the film of during his first breakthrough in the spring of 2019, he had of views. with what The little Mermaid is placed in the lead, and also exceeds the which obtained at the time the trailer of aladdindirected by . has the tail and .

the mark of The little Mermaid would be enough to certify that the public has not lost interest in the remakes of Disney, and also that the attraction aroused is enough to overcome the campaigns haters. Some that will surely work at full capacity again when The little Mermaid the premiere but they do not have to affect a box office that Disney, right now, is expected to be substantial.