In 1996, it took shape from such a combination of talents that its triumph among the public seemed inevitable. Beyond the joint role of and faced with a fearsome tornado, the adventure film was signed bywritten by the novelist and produced by . financed it, and among its producers also stood out .

What is, yes, the president of. Twister it was a box office success, so it was a matter of time before the industry coordinated efforts to launch the sequel. Or rather, reboot. that’s what it’s called, he doesn’t want to continue the story of the original or resume his characters (he’s known as) but maintains the Spielberg and Amblin affiliation (associated with ) and its driver is who has been behind the saga and turns out to be Kennedy’s husband.

Entering the creative field, Twisters It won’t lag behind its original film either. hollywood reporter just echoed that is in final talks to star in the film. She would play a storm chaser who, after barely surviving an encounter with a tornado, tries to bring some calm to her life by working in an office. But naturally Twisters He will narrate how he has no choice but to return to field work.

Edgar-Jones became known along with in the acclaimed series based on the homonymous novel by . While his co-star was getting an Oscar nomination for Edgar-Jones has not stopped working: he was in the seriesand in 2022 he starred in both as . currently rolling next to .

It is not the first signing of Twisters. The movie is written by (), and its director is. Who nominated for an Oscar for and this same week he made his debut in the universe ofdirecting a particularly powerful episode of . Twisters It doesn’t have a release date yet.