He has not mincing words. That is why there are dozens of filmmakers or performers who have been victims of his bile, while he is not afraid of getting into controversy so that he comes to defend either . Thisopens in the fourth and final season of with which the promotion is going to leave us new pearls of this veteran interpreter.

In the series he plays , with whom he seems to have some common trait. For example, the irritation that arouses him, both in real life and in fiction, . is who plays son of the patriarch, and also who was the subject of a curious controversy throughout the previous season, when it became known of his eccentric attitude on the set of succession to the point of making his teammates uncomfortable.

The reason is that Strong is a very demanding actor with himself, accustomed to getting into his character in an extreme way according to the postulates of the . Cox, in Varietysays that Strong is but also that he goes too far in his work. “I’m happy that”, he says ironically, to go on to attack the Method.

According to Cox, this Method thing is a typical American neurosis, which contrasts with the calm professionalism with which Europeans (he is Scottish) approach work. “Is really . I can not stand . I’m sorry. All that kind of ‘. Just do the work. Don’t ‘identify’”. In Strong’s case, he knows who to blame. “Of course, Jeremy was with Dan Day-Lewis. So”.

and Brian Cox starred in 1997 directed by. Day-Lewis is, to be exact, one of the great exponents of the performance of the Method. Cox has thrown a few darts at him. “He retired at 55, and I told him ‘this is when the roles get interesting.’ You have retired just at the moment when the papers really improve ”.

As for the end of Succession, Cox doesn’t want to get sentimental either. “I will miss the cast, I will miss the atmosphere, I will miss the friendliness. I’ll probably miss Logan a little bit. ”.