Candice Renoir (season 10, spoilers): no marriage to Antoine (Raphaël Lenglet), a disappointing drop out for Cécile Bois at France 2


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This Friday, May 20, 2022, France 2 will launch the tenth and final season of Candice Renoir as a bonus. His interpreter, Cécile Bois, looks back on what awaits the character at farewell…

In August 2021, France 2 Season 9 of started Candice Renoir . The channel had decided to cut the salvo in two in order to offer the remaining episodes in January 2022. So on January 21, viewers were mesmerized by the series’ shocking finale. A shot rang out in the police station. A police officer, exhausted from his job, collapsed while shooting.

This Friday, May 20, 2022, Candice Renoir is back on France 2 for a tenth and final season consisting of only six episodes. The series was supposed to end on a happy ending with Antoine and Candice getting married. But before that, Candice was close to death and finds herself in the hospital after the bullet she received at the end of Season 9.

Candice Renoir between life and death at France 2

In conversation with TV 7 days, Cecile Bois, the main heroine of the series, looks back on this first installment in which her character will find herself caught between life and death. This will have an impact on Candice’s life. The actress says: “Being very close to death, plus the influence of Héloïse, her roommate, played by my mother (Monique Bois), will break her reluctance to love and project herself.”. She adds: “She will want to devour life from all angles, starting with her romantic relationship with Antoine, played by Raphaël Lenglet”.

In addition, in this first episode, the issue of self-defense in the police force is raised through the prism of Mehdi (Ali Marhyar), who is under investigation by the IGS for neutralizing Candice’s attacker. He advocates self-defense.

Also, Candice is now becoming a grandma, the actress says: “It is difficult for her to accept this situation, she does not see herself as a grandmother. At the same time, I like the idea that once we have his daughter Emma (Clara Antons) grow over the seasons, the series ends while the young girl-turned-actress and pregnant lands a role as a cop ». The actress adds: “There’s something like a mirror effect, a form of transmission, and that’s also the theme of this tenth season.”.

“The channel’s management has expressed a desire to highlight new productions”

Cécile Bois returns to the end of the series and points this out “The channel’s management has expressed a desire to highlight new productions”. That said, the actress admits she is “breathless”. She elaborates: “I spend more time traveling with my suitcase than at home. I wanted to focus on my life and other projects again..

As for her projects, Cécile Bois filmed this winter “Addict, a series of six episodes for TF1”. Also, although the tenth season will be the last Candice Renoir the character is returned in a different form: “Candice Renoir will be the subject of two 90-minute made-for-TV movies, including one filmed in Corsica and a second set around Halloween.”. She specifies: “The idea of ​​a crossover with Alex Hugo was abandoned. I regret it because I was delighted to find Samuel Le Bihan, who I started my career with..

In the finale, Candice leaves the police station and her colleagues organize a farewell party. She asks Antoine for marriage. At the same time, Emma gives birth to a child and Candice arrives at the maternity ward. It is therefore not in the ten seasons of the crime series that the faithful can see the wedding of Antoine and Candice. The latter did not formally accept the proposal.

The last season of Candice Renoir can be found every Friday as a bonus from May 20th on France 2.

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