These are days of great changes in Warner, on account of its sale at the hands of AT&T and the merger with Discovery. As a result of this operation, which became official a little over a month ago, we now have to refer to the historic major Whatwhile we attend a whole ball of stalls from which has been erected as the new CEO of the studio. Among the most recent measures influenced by him are the closure of CNN+ and the sudden cancellation of , while he has already made public some of his plans for the film division. Specifically the DC Universe.

Basically, what Zaslav wants is more movies likewhich made Warner a ton of money (as well as receiving terrific reviews that anticipated its Oscar run) in 2019. And among these films from the it is inevitable to think of that sequel to joker which has been shrouded in secrecy since shortly after the premiere of the original film. In theory, Warner has not given it the green light and (Oscar winner for his first performance as Arthur Fleck) has not confirmed his participation, but from time to time leaks emerge that indicate that the project is moving forward.

As collected now Comic Bookthe journalist’s sources indicate a great advance in . The sequel to joker would be found like this although it has not clarified in what terms: yes (for whom Zaslav has great sympathy) is nearing completion of the script, or if the script is already complete and production can start any minute. Be that as it may, DC’s schedule is already pretty troubled so far. minimum, so it is not advisable to be under any illusions that Joker 2 be around the corner.

Warner/DC’s most recent feature film was the highly acclaimed , available today in the HBO Max catalog. ahead we have () Y (), to jump to meet with (), () and the pair of Y also scheduled for next year.