It seems unbelievable but July is coming to an end and half the summer goes with it. It is sad, yes, but it is clearly seen in the course of the series, which are already returning to the fray and some of them shamelessly showing the literal return to classes, such as the return of or summer camp . We will always have music.

Resident Evil-Netflix

In 2022, Y They are two sisters who arrive at the imposing a city in which technology seems to be light years away from the rest to accompany his father, . In 2036, Jade herself is one of the survivors after a great epidemic that has turned a good part of the population into zombies, and she tries to stay alive while she deals with her memories of that time spent with her family. . New adaptation of the popular videogame saga of that already had its replica in the cinema with although everything indicates that the Netflix series will largely distance itself from both antecedents.

Primal (Season 2) – HBO Max

A couple of years ago a small animated series for adults slipped into all the lists as one of the most acclaimed works of the year. And that was about something as fanciful as a human and a dinosaur on the verge of extinction that joined forces to survive in their hostile environment. The answer to why that series was working had a name and surname: . And it is that the author of the miniseries of the clone wars of or he conquered everyone with his gritty and violent animation style. Hence, the trailer for the new season hardly reveals anything: it is not necessary, a picture is worth a thousand words and Tartakovsky’s animation could keep us an entire summer without blinking.

Rebel (Season 2) – Netflix

They say that second parts were never good, but it is only necessary to see the success of other more recent series such as to prove that good things begin when the characters are already known. This is expected to be the result of the return to the classrooms in the that nobody has to do with Madrid’s Las Encinas but with the Mexican institute of the Rebel original. What does seem evident that this revival will rescue from the Spanish series is its particular whodunit, because when we saw the trailer for this second season the death of an important character was announced who, as in Elite, we do not know who he is or why he is dead . We only know that there will be a new director in the school and that is reason enough to start the cabals.

The Trials – HBO Max

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could rehearse something infinite times before doing it? Things would probably turn out a lot better, right? The comedian intends to answer that question in The Rehearsals, although for that reason he has to go through uncomfortable moments and morally questionable actions such as recreating the settings of your home or your work to measure. In this series of all the possibilities of facing a difficult decision are explored knowing in advance all the possibilities and factors that come into play, almost like a series of simulations prior to the real event. Would you dare to try it?

High School Musical: The Series (Season 3) – Disney+

Disney+’s meta series about a group of boys obsessed with High School Musical has reached its third season ready to emulate the movies. It’s been a while since we met Y and their paths have now parted, but a new breed of wildcats is about to arrive. And it won’t in the mythical but in a summer camp, also imitating the scenario in which it took place It seems that there will be no baseball game but there will be a special appearance by someone who knows a lot about singing, dancing and playing sports: The mythical of the films that will help the new ones to prepare a musical about….