The Moscow Zoo showed footage of a golden eagle


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The Moscow Zoo showed footage of a golden eagle flapping in the sky. This was announced on Saturday, March 18, in the zoo’s press service.

— The size of the golden eagle is like the blue of the sky. Self-evident fact. Still – a wingspan of more than two meters, a speed of more than three hundred kilometers per hour – the message says.

The footage shows the bird taking to the skies, reports telegram– Channel “Zoo Moscow”.

On the eve of the capital zoo video shown with lemurs jumping ropes and grooming each other’s fur. The footage shows lemurs jumping on ropes and branches, and also licking each other.

Last Friday, March 10, Zoo Director General Svetlana Akulova shared a video with a spectacular edition of Timofey’s Manul. In the video you can see how the animal fled to its shelter with prey.

From March 10 to March 28, visitors to the Moscow Zoo will not be able to use the main entrance. Be closed because of technical work.

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