If only my first teacher knew… How do the actors from the Brigada series look like now?


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The “brigade” has been accused of romanticizing crime bosses, calling it a crime against Russia and saying it was filmed with real bandits’ money. However, all this did not prevent the series from becoming a symbol of the dashing 90s era and turning into quotes.

We all know what to say when we see a Lincoln car, why a dog is man’s best friend, and what the correct answer to the “winter and summer are the same color” riddle is (and yes, it’s not a tree ). And the friendship of Sasha Bely, Kosmos, Pchela and Phil has become a real standard for many teenagers.

As the most loyal fans, we not only review every episode every year (and weep over the finale), but also create materials on the style of the main characters and do not forget about nostalgic tests. Today we set out to really “remember it all” and find out what the cast of the iconic series look like 20 years on.

Sasha Belly

The series “Brigada” gave Sergei Bezrukov a ticket to the top of the domestic film industry. During these two decades, the actor managed to play Vysotsky, Yesenin, Pushkin and even Boris Godunov.


Let’s be honest, Space is our favorite. In the test “Who from the “Brigade” series you could meet”, a good half of the editors dreamed of getting into the results of Cosmos. After the release of the series, Dmitry Dyuzhev played the bandit Simon in Alexei Balabanov’s film “Blind Man’s Bluff”, a little later the premiere of the film “High Security Vacation” took place, followed by several dozen other successful projects.


The role of the charming bee was played by Pavel Maykov. At the time of filming “Brigade” he was only 24 years old, and the series became the first serious project in the actor’s career. Over the next two decades, more than 40 projects emerged with his participation.


Vladimir Vdovichenkov was cast in the role of Phil when he was in his fourth year at VGIK. A year after the release of The Brigade, the actor starred in another cult project about the dashing ’90s. As you may have guessed, we’re talking about the movie Boomer. Now Vdovichenkov has an impressive filmography, industry recognition and popular love. We strongly recommend watching the film “Salyut-7” with his participation.

Olya Belova

The role of Sasha Bely’s mistress was played by Ekaterina Guseva. At the time of filming, she was only 25 years old. “Brigade” is one of the first film works of the actress, and thanks to her she became popular. Before that, Guseva played in the theater “At the Nikitsky Gates”, and then switched to the musical “Nord-Ost”. After the release of the series, Russian directors began to offer their roles in their films. Now Catherine has more than 50 films and series to her credit, including Weekend and Tobol (where she played Catherine I).

Son of Sasha Bely

The role of Vanya was played by actor Igor Vinogradov, at the time of filming he was six years old. By the way, this is not his first film work. He previously starred in the detective series Citizen Chief. After the “Brigade” Igor continued his acting career, he starred in the melodrama “We will be on you”, in the films “Operation Eniki-Benik” and “Ferris Wheel”, as well as in the TV series “Love and other nonsense”.

Lena Eliseeva

The role of Lena Eliseeva, aka the girl who broke Sasha Bely’s heart, was played by actress Natalya Panova. Now she is 44 years old and continues to act in films. The actress appeared in such series and films as: “Margosha”, “Love and Other Nonsense”, “Wild-2”, “Object 11”, “Lavrova’s Method”, “Comrade Policemen”. And in 2019, with her participation, the series “And that’s all Robert” was released.


Recently, Sergei Bezrukov, aka Sasha Bely, posted a photo with Mukha on a banned social network. And we have to say, the on-screen Bandit hasn’t changed much. Now the actor Sergei Aprelsky is 55 years old. He continues to act in films, and his filmography includes more than 50 projects. By the way, you could see him in Fyodor Bondarchuk’s “Invasion”.

Bodyguard of Sasha Bely Max

The main villain of the series was played by Alexander Vysokovsky. After “Brigade” the actor starred in several more films (you could see him in Pert Buslov’s action film “Boomer”), but they did not bring him great success and fame. In the mid-2000s, he decided to try his hand at directing and screenwriting. In 2010 his first film “Without the right to make a mistake” came out, in 2016 he shot the film “The wrong field of berries”, at the same time his series “What is “bad luck” and how to deal with it”. ” was published.

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