KP: Ivleeva’s company earned 445 million rubles from chips and soda


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As the journalists found out, the business, which the blogger runs together with two partners who previously held top positions in large Russian companies, turned out to be very successful. The amount of net profit is more modest than sales, but also, as they say, enough for groceries – 37 million rubles. Chips from Ivleeva. Home About the fact that the company of Ivleeva and her partners Vitalius Paulus and Alexey Klochkov will produce Easy Peasy chips under the name “Bee Knees” (it is called “Easy Pizzi”, translated “easier than a stewed beet”, “easier than simple” is a childish expression) and energy drinks under the brand Chicha-Boom became known in early 2021. The popular blogger justified her decision by saying that chips are her favorite snack. She herself had successfully promoted Lay’s Chips a year earlier. Ivleeva is looking for her chips at Pyaterochka In January 2022, Nastya Ivleeva searched the stores of a well-known chain and found that Easy Peasy could not be found on all shelves in the right departments. Her indignation that her brand’s chips ended up in one of the outlets among the sweets, the girl generously shared with her subscribers on social networks. As a conclusion of the controls, Ivleeva explained that in 80% of the shops everything is in order and her complaints in case of difficulties were solved quickly and successfully. Ivleeva’s Chips and Vlad Bumaga’s Chips In August 2022, following the success of Easy Peasy, Belarusian blogger Vlad Bumaga decided to follow suit with his Lava Lava Snacks. Ivleeva did not appreciate the impulse of her colleague in the workshop and pointed to plagiarism, and Paper herself, she says, then allegedly “ordered” mass reports of poisoning and malaise following her chips. The Secret experts then agreed that the creators of the later-released product were at least inspired by the concept of Nastya Ivleeva’s chips.

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