Alexander Maltsev, who was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, is buried at home in Labinsk


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Combat aircraft Alexander Maltsev with the call sign “Kuban”, who died on March 13 during the SVO, is buried in the city of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory, where he was born and grew up. The warrior was presented to the highest rank of Hero of Russia because he was the last of his company in the ranks to occupy the enemy’s trench. Maltsev’s performance was filmed from start to finish by scouts from a drone.

The fact that Alexander Maltsev will be buried in Labinsk was reported by his family. The warrior leaves behind a 25-year-old daughter, younger brother Sergei, elder sister and mother Nina Konstantinovna, who still lives in Labinsk.

It turned out that many knew Maltsev in his hometown. Outgoing and sociable, he was fond of football and played with his brother Sergei for local clubs – city and county. For some time, Alexander worked at a local oil extraction facility. As colleagues say, he was the soul of the team.

According to the head of the Labinsky district Vladimir Zaburaev, in honor of the hero a star will be placed on the Walk of Fame.

– New era brings forth new heroes. The history of the Labinsk region is full of examples of heroic deeds in the name of the fatherland. Defenders grew up on the example of fathers and grandfathers, who today stand like a wall for the world. Let me remind you that the golden glory of our region is 12 Heroes of the Soviet Union and 4 Heroes of Russia. Soon the name of Alexander Viktorovich Maltsev will appear on this list – Zubaraev wrote in his channel telegram.

Behind him, Maltsev had military service on the Tajik-Afghan border in the 90s and contract service in the early 2000s in the North Caucasus, he was awarded the medal “For Courage”.

As previously reported by RG, on March 10, the Russian fighter succeeded seize Trench with a detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kremennaya. He eliminated several militants during the battle and captured two others. Unfortunately, already on March 13, Alexander Maltsev died in another attack. The commander of the assault company of the 488th regiment of the RF Armed Forces Sergey Legostaev told about the hero’s service and final battle.

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