It became known thanks to which Nastya Ivleeva earned half a billion rubles


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We have long suspected that Nastya Ivleeva is talented in everything: and in Movieand in to blogand the tiktoken. And then new evidence came: according to KP.RU, the company Bee Knees, which produces Easy Pizza chips and soda with Ivleeva’s profile picture, reported sales of 445 million rubles for 2022. Remember that Nastya is a co-founder of a super profitable company – she owns a whopping 45%. By the way, the rest belongs to marketing monsters – the ex-director of alcohol distribution Bacardi Rus and the former top manager of the Pyaterochka and Dixy chains. Rumor has it that the partners saw Ivleeva as a good source of traffic (which is very prescient).

Although the brand’s net income is much more modest — just $37 million — the company’s success is usually measured in total income, and it’s truly terrific. Incidentally, the seemingly absurd name “Bee’s Knees” is an allusion to the English idiom Bee’s Knees, which translated means “something amazing and extraordinary”. The naming really didn’t escape them. In addition, not a single foreign word – on Deputies happy State Duma.

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