Can you change and what can be the impetus for change? Take the test and find out


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According to opinion polls, 60% of men and 40% of women regularly cheat on their significant other. Also, everyone has different reasons – someone suddenly falls in love a second time, someone steps aside out of defiance, others seek the thrill of several years of habitual marriage. Take the quiz and find out what can make you cheat

exactly you.

How often do you and your husband/wife rest separately?

A) Quite often: either the vacation plans do not match, that is, the desire to relax alone.

B) Never without a loved one, rest is not joy.

C) It happens, but rarely, only when there is a serious reason.

What do you think is the most important thing in your relationship with your loved one?

A) That we feel good and together we are ready for the most unexpected actions.

B) Stability and calm.

C) Mental and physical intimacy: We are “two halves”.

How important is intimacy to you in life?

A) This is physiology, even if there is no relationship there should still be intimacy.

B) This area of ​​life is definitely not the first priority, just a supplement.

C) Everything should be: mutual understanding and spiritual intimacy and physical.

What do you think of families who have been married for 20+ years?

A) I hardly understand how one can not get bored over the years.

B) Such pairs should be equal: here it is – a real feeling.

C) Most likely, it is not love that unites them for a long time, but a common life and children. They are just comfortable.

What do you think is the secret of a long relationship?

A) The main thing is not to get too close, leave personal space and your secrets.

B) Trust – without trust there is no family.

C) Life values ​​and temperament must match.

And now we summarize:

More Answers A. If you can change, it is only because of love for vivid impressions and strong emotions. Over time, bright love disappears and the desired euphoria dissolves. In an attempt to return it, you can look around. Most often, the desire to constantly get such a cocktail of hormones is a sign that you expect an eternal vacation from life and relationships. No other half will be able to offer it to you for many years.

More commonly answered B. Treason can become a momentary impulse. In general, you do not have such plans. But if you suddenly “pass up”, you can not hold back. And then chiding yourself and pining with guilt for years. You should keep your desires under control and try not to get into situations that predispose to such a development of events.

Answer B prevailed: You can change because of sexual dissatisfaction. Sex is one of the most important parts of your life for you. In addition, there must be a sufficient quantity and the quality must not suffer. If misunderstandings arise with a partner in this area, you can “be patient” at first, but then, alas, you will start looking around. However, such a problem may not arise at all if you find a soul mate with the same sexual temperament as you.

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