Gynecologists called the most effective position for achieving female orgasm


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Gynecologists at New H Medical Clinic in New York have figured out what positions are best for achieving female orgasm. The results of the study were published in the journal Sexologies. The work involved two volunteers having sex in the five most popular positions: doggystyle, rider, and missionary, with and without a pillow under the woman’s pelvis. At that time, scientists used ultrasound to track blood flow in the woman’s clitoris. According to the study’s authors, the more active he is, the higher his chance of reaching orgasm. As it turns out, missionary is the most effective position when a pillow is placed under the pelvis. The most ineffective position was doggy style – when using it, the clitoris was not stimulated, due to which the blood flow in it was not intense enough. In the future, the team plans to explore other ways to achieve female orgasm.

Source: Woman.Rambler


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