Refugees from Mariupol met in Chelyabinsk and got married


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Young people from Mariupol, who met at a temporary accommodation center (TAC) in Chelyabinsk, got married on Saturday, March 18, at the registry office of the city’s Soviet district. Gleb and Dasha lived in Mariupol until recently and never met. The tragedy of this city forced them to become refugees and go to Russia. And this is where they found happiness: they met for the first time at TAP and fell in love. Vasily Shvetsov, chairman of the faction “A Fair Russia – For the Truth” in the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, also presented the newlyweds with a gift in honor of the wedding. The love story was told to him by the head of the Teply Dom Charity Fund, Mikhail Shchapov, who has been specifically caring for refugees for eight months. “I have agreed to continue working with the young people. The newlyweds have to settle in a new place, solving many problems. We will try to help you with that. I believe that our Chelyabinsk region will become a new motherland for Gleb and Dasha!” said Vasily Shvetsov. Text, photo: press service of the regional branch of the SRHR in the Chelyabinsk region

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