Alexander Maltsev told his friends about the awarded title of Hero of Russia


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Today the whole country knows about the performance of the Alexander Maltsev fighter jet with the call sign “Kuban”, which died during the NMD. fighter submitted in the highest rank of Hero of Russia for being the last of his company in the ranks to occupy the enemy trench. Correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” today met with residents of the city of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory, who knew the brave warrior well (here he was born and grew up, and will also be buried) and asked to remember “what a type he was.”

– I offer my condolences to the family and friends of Alexander Maltsev. We all mourn the loss of a true patriot of the Motherland and are proud of the achievement of a compatriot, ”said Vladimir Zaburaev, head of the Labinsky district of Kuban, speaking to RG. – A deep bow to the mother for raising a real hero! On Monday, I plan to meet with Nina Konstantinovna to get approval for my son’s burial at the city’s honorary and celebrity cemetery. In the future, we will immortalize the name of Alexander Maltsev on the Alley of Heroes in Victory Square and give his name to our youth team sports school, where Alexander played football. Many compatriots knew him, everyone remembers Alexander as a great patriot and true fighter for the truth. We will do everything in our power to keep his memory alive in the hearts of the people of Labinsk, especially the younger generation.

On Sunday, RG correspondents visited the Maltsevs’ house at 235 Kalinin Labinskaya Street, hidden among the same “masterpieces” of architectural thought of the 70s. Opposite is a five-story building with Soviet plaques. Such a street ensemble also emphasizes the oppression of the house and its residents. Primroses near the fence boldly demonstrate their diversity: white, blue, lilac. A weighty application for a new phase of life. It shudders at this impertinence: is life and death crossing here?

… Now grief has taken root here. The eve came from St. Petersburg Sergey and Anzhela Maltsev – his brother and sister. Nobody wants to believe what happened. They quietly echo: “He could not die, he is strong” … But everything is ready for the funeral service. A candle burns, streams of wax, photographs in a black frame …

We managed to talk to people who had known Alexander Maltsev for many years.

Photo: From the family archive of Irina Turygina

– There are no more tears. She poured everything. Sasha and I grew up together. He was an older friend – guarded, protected. He and his parents moved from Norilsk to Labinsk at the age of four. And I was just born. I grew up and he grew up. The Malzews lived on the first floor and we on the second. He took me to our beloved fourth school, both of which graduated, – says Alena Turygina, a distant relative and also a childhood and childhood friend of Alexander Maltsev. – From an early age he was independent, made the right decisions, which were then certainly approved by adults. Helping a grandmother who lives nearby, protecting the vulnerable, sharing sweets is in his nature. Sasha’s mother was a builder. Lost at work. But she always knew that the house was fine: Sasha, his brother Sergei and older sister Angela were serious guys. Sasha played football, was the captain of the city team. Defender. Both in game and in life. He defended us, he defended Russia with his chest.

According to her, in 2011 he left for St. Petersburg. “I wasn’t looking for easy ways. Here I was a welder, and there. The usual hard working profession. But how much warmth was in his soul!”

– Now my family and I live in their apartment in Labinsk, and my parents moved to a private house. Sasha’s father died a year and a half ago, his mother, Nina Konstantinovna, was left alone. Her children visit her constantly, she visits them in St. Petersburg, and we do not forget her. After all, all the Maltsevs are not only relatives for us, but also very close people. On Sunday morning we met Angela and Seryozha, in the evening – Sasha’s eldest daughter, they all took her to Nina Konstantinovna. It turned out that it was me who told her the news of her son’s death, – says Alena. – Terrible sadness, my heart is literally torn to pieces, I still can’t believe that Sasha is no more. We called and corresponded regularly. Sasha liked to send voice messages. The last came on March 8th. It was short: “Alyonushka, I congratulate you on the holiday, I wish you all the best, relatives and friends!” The voice was kind of annoying, you got the feeling he was in a hurry… And then I found out he wasn’t anymore. I still can not believe it…

House of the Maltsevs on Labinskaya Kalinina Street, 235. Photo: Irina Almazova

And here is another reminder of this man from a resident of Labinsk.

– Sasha from childhood was a man with a rod. In 1992 we graduated from the 11th grade of school No. 4 in Labinsk. I was the principal and he was my first assistant. You could trust him with any business and know that he would not fail. Almost half of our girls were in love with Sasha. And there is nothing surprising in this: handsome, tall, brave. And a gallant gentleman, which is important – says Tatyana Tsapkova (Shvets), his classmate and neighbor, with tears in her eyes. – When we went hiking, he always carried our backpacks himself and was a role model for other guys. Of course, after he moved to St. Petersburg and his parents moved out of our house, we saw each other less often, but I was constantly interested in his life. And I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard about the feat my classmate had accomplished. It’s in his nature: to take risks, to go ahead, to meet himself.

In confirmation of the last words – the story of Vladimir Orlov, a former physical education teacher at the N 4 secondary school in the city of Labinsk:

– From the first grade I know Sasha, his brother Seryozha. sports guys. I remember honing their skills on the pitch until nightfall. And then they became famous football players in Labinsk. Serezha was one of the first in our city to receive the title of master of sports, and Sasha was the captain of the local team. During election campaigns, Sasha was my right hand. How often have we crossed the Caucasus with him! Robust, sensitive to the weak, cheerful. That’s him. I’m not surprised how he fought in the NWO zone. He didn’t have courage.

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