‘Go to V’: Jungkook got into a fight with a girl after his boyfriend confessed his love to her


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V recently confessed his love to Jungkook’s girlfriend. He did not communicate with a friend for a while, and then decided to come to his fiancé and report his feelings. Jungkook was shocked when he found out about it. It is worth noting that the girl did not refuse V, but let him know that he had a chance to win her. She admitted that she and Jungkook have relationship issues, and she’s not ready to say what will be with him for the rest of her life. Jungkook reacted radically to her words and apparently the couple will soon be breaking up. “Go to Vee if I make you feel so bad. I will not tolerate such an attitude, because we were preparing for the wedding, and so are you. What do you mean I treat you badly? I do everything for you. They agreed that we were in a hurry to get married and married and supported my decision to cancel the celebration. Now it turns out that I’m bad and V is good,” Jungkook said in conversation with his chosen one.

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