Wanting to return the mobilized husband, the Ural woman gave scammers 53,000 rubles


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The wife of a man mobilized in Yekaterinburg tried to bring her husband back home and was caught by scammers. The woman gave the attackers 53,000 rubles, but did not get the desired result. At first she turned to official structures, but then in desperation she contacted scammers who robbed her.

The woman told journalists from the E1.ru portal that her husband received a summons when the country announced the mobilization. The man showed up at the Military Registration and Recruitment Office, where an appointment was made for him to be sent for training and to the Special Operations Zone in Ukraine.

However, the woman believed that her husband had serious health problems. She tried to get him home through various official channels. Including wrote a complaint to the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

The woman was immediately called, offered remote help in the case, and success was guaranteed. For the service it was necessary to pay 53 thousand rubles.

Of course, the desperate woman agreed and handed over the money. However, the so-called lawyers simply threw her a standard set of documents, it was very difficult to contact her. The betrayed woman from Yekaterinburg found out that there were other victims.

Photo – Yandex.Maps

Source: Woman.Rambler


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