“Let’s do this!” Namjoon approached J-Hope with an offer. What can ARMY expect from idols?!


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J-Hope and Namjoon’s friendship is legendary among fans! All members of BTS are incredibly friendly, but within the group there are closer bonds between some idols than just buddies. Hoseok and RM got along well at first. Guys often comment on each other’s posts on social networks. J-Hope’s page update didn’t go unnoticed by Namjoon. The BTS leader left a joke quote in the comments: “Let’s smash.” This version of the translation sounded in one of the popular key pop communities. There’s one more – “Let’s do it.” ARMY also drew attention to the photo where J-Hope had his legs spread. The idol seems to spend all his time in the rehearsal room, perfecting his choreography over and over again. Fans are touched by the strong friendship of two of their favorite artists: “My favourite”, “Love to see them comment on each other’s posts”, “I wonder what specific image RM’s words are referring to haha”, ” All the photos are good, but one thing in particular…”, “Best friends!”, “This is what male friendship should look like, yo.” *Instagram is part of the Meta company, which is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation

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