Ex-Comedy Woman contestant spoke out about show closure


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Former Comedy Woman member Tamara Turava spoke about the completion of the project. In an interview with journalist Laura Jugelia, she shared her opinion on why the popular TV show has ceased to exist. A recording of their conversation is available at youtube.

Turava suggested that Comedy Woman be closed due to conflicts between the show’s contestants. “I think they all just got into a fight. Well, it’s women. Ten years and so on for a project led by women is already dofiga. I think it’s just that something crazy started there,” she said.

Formerly Turava disclosed Details on leaving Comedy Woman. According to the comedian, the project manager Natalya Yeprikyan contacted her and informed her that her salary could no longer be paid.

About the closure of the Comedy Woman show after ten years of existence announced its contestant Nadezhda Angarskaya in September 2020. The comedian clarified that she learned about this from the show’s producer. She added that she doesn’t know the reason why the project ceased to exist.

Tamara Turava is a Russian actress and humorist. While studying at the university, she began to play KVN. For some time she worked with the team of the KVN team “Burnt by the Sun”. She was also a contestant on the Comedy Battle Show. In 2016, Turava became a member of the Comedy Woman team, where she played a bold Caucasian girl. After that, she began acting in the web series Directly Kakha.

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