Anitta explodes like never before after leaking her music video and confirms her musical retirement is just around the corner.


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If there is someone who made us rear at ground level until losing DNR or dignity in the attempt was our dearest Anitta. And there is no hit from a diva that does NOT make you move your skeleton. However, he recently recorded a video clip for his latest song, several of which have become known. leaked images that have not been released from criticism.

Cause? The Brazilian appears simulated oral sex scene with the model from Rio de Janeiro, Yuri Meirelles, which caused an uproar among the ruthless Twitter users. But the singer did not remain silent, but took out her porcelain nails in defense of her depraved video:

The hypocrisy of the most puritanical sections of society. What we can do is wait for people to see the result later. After such a long run, I came to the conclusion that I am an artist who fights not even for sexual freedom, but against hypocrisy.“warns the artist in an interview for ‘OUOL‘.

Anitta has made it clear that her next song will be a hit: “It’s usually a sign that the public will like it and be a big success. I am an artist who does not allow himself to be influenced by what people say or think. I do what I like. People have two options: see it or not see it. (…). When we see a scene from a movie, in fiction, no one judges or puts the actress in that position. But people put me in this position. And they have no idea what’s going on. Unfortunately, I’m used to it,” she explains.

On the other hand, the model is already thinking about when she will hang up the microphone and end her musical career. This is how he revealed it in some statements for “Bulletin board‘:”In the next 5-6 years“, announced what in. But relax, she plans to keep messing with artist: “I love change, challenges and trying new things. I want to try myself as an actress“He added, noting that he already has several proposals on the table.

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