Apple Music bets on classical music to stand out from competitors


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(ETX Daily Up) – Old-fashioned, old-fashioned, elitist… classical music prejudices persist. But it’s a music genre that keeps renewing itself in hopes of attracting a younger audience.

The application is called Apple Music Classical and will be released on March 28th. As the music-streaming giant described it, you can “quickly and easily find recordings in the world’s largest catalog of classical music.” his website.

Apple Music Classic users have a catalog of five million classical music tracks at their disposal. Find specific recordings thanks to a search mode that filters requests based on composer, work, conductor and even catalog number. Additionally, the app includes the composer’s biography and a detailed guide to many important works from the classical repertoire. Apple also announced that its new application will be based. spatial audio Allowing listeners to rediscover many works. It’s been two years since the American group adopted the format to differentiate its unlimited music service in a highly competitive market dominated by the Swedish giant. Spotify.

Today, classical music lovers Mozart, Beethoven, Bach On Apple Music, like most other audio streaming subscriptions. By launching an application dedicated to its classical repertoire, Apple hopes to differentiate itself from its competitors while simultaneously conquering a still little-tapped segment of recorded music.

In fact, there are very few dedicated applications. classicWith a catalog of 2 million songs, Idagio holds a leading position in this market. Its biggest rival, Primephonic, was acquired by Apple in August 2021 and integrated into Tim Cook’s company’s music streaming service experience. Primephonic co-founder and CEO Thomas Steffens said of the acquisition: “This is an opportunity to make classical music accessible to the general public and to connect a new generation of musicians with the masses of tomorrow.”

Contrary to popular belief, classical repertoire can be timeless. Reaching younger audiences much wider than we imagine, especially thanks to social networks. Thus, Epidemic Sound reports that the use of instrumental tracks on YouTube has increased by 90% for him in the last 12 months. The same enthusiasm for classical music can be seen on his TikTok, a flagship application for young people, as the hashtag #classicalmusic has been played more than 2.3 billion times. The enthusiasts Apple hopes to attract to its new streaming application.

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