“She completely dominates him”: Prince Harry is afraid of Meghan Markle, knows the reason


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Ever since the Netflix documentary series “Harry and Meghan” premiered and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began giving various interviews, the couple have been expounding what they feel and think. Along with the revealing of secrets came speculation that Harry is afraid to cross paths with his wife, Meghan.

An expert on the British royal family guarantees that Harry is afraid of Meghan Markle and we will tell you what the reasons are.

Angela Levin, a scholar of the royal family, the youngest son of Lady Di could be afraid of contradicting his wife, because, although she is very educated, she cannot stand being disagreed with.

The specialist pointed out that Harry always seems to be nervous when he is next to Meghan Markle in interviews and gives several body language signals that tell us that he does not feel comfortable or confident expressing what he thinks.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told their truth.

Prince Harry’s body language shows his fear of Meghan

In an interview with an English newspaper, Angela explained why the Duke of Sussex felt so uncomfortable: “She can be charming unless she says something she doesn’t want to be said and that’s very scary.”

Angela Levin analyzed the behavior of the king’s son, Charles III, and clearly found that Harry is always nervous when his wife is around.

According to The Sun's source, Charles would have already agreed to give the titles of prince and princess to Achie and Lilibet, the children of Meghan and Harry, but this would not happen with the title of His Royal Highness.

Accompanying the royal family for a long time, the expert commented that something in Harry’s behavior is very different since his marriage to Meghan: “He is very nervous. I think she’s totally in control of it because this is not the same Harry from a few years ago.”

It is possible that the prince is very afraid of saying something that his wife does not want and this feeling is something that is perceived publicly. Harry himself once declared: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Source: Novamulher


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