“He is not gay nor does he weigh 300 kilos”: Brendan Fraser is criticized for “dressing fat” in La Ballena


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According upsoclBrendan Fraser is a great highlight of the year, since all the lucky ones who saw The Whale enjoyed the sensitive performance of the actor, who was away from the industry for years and won the Oscar statuette for ‘Best Actor’.

On the other hand, despite giving Fraser a great sea of ​​praise and applause, a wave of criticism also came in exchange for his highly controversial character. The haters aren’t convinced he’s the right actor for the part. “He is not gay nor does he weigh 300 kilos”, is one of the comments that echoes on social networks.

The story of The Whale, directed by Darren Aronofsky, tells the life of Charlie, a morbidly obese gay man. Throughout his life he suffered a series of losses, which led him to suffer a deep depression fueled by junk food, configuring a kind of suicide, since his heart became a time bomb after the deterioration of your health. Only his daughter, Ellie (Sadie Sink), could fix it.

In this context, the actor Guy Branum spoke with PRIDE about his annoyance when he learned that Brendan Fraser would play Charlie, since he is a straight man and does not have the same body as his role. “As a true fat gay man, I feel like my life doesn’t have to be a metaphor for someone else’s pain.”

He continued:

“I also have real issues with the fact that they cast a straight actor who is not very fat and (who) used prosthetics to represent the fat in the film. I think it allows people to talk about this character as an object in a way that wouldn’t be possible if he was a real fat person that you had to look him in the eye.”

And you, what do you think of this controversy?

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