Michael Wendler As a pop singer in Majorca: is Peter Klein taking his job away from him now?


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Michael Wendler (50) and his pregnant wife Laura (22) seem to be following a string of bad luck: On the one hand, the planned RTL2 documentary about the two – filming should start shortly – is due to strong headwinds. On the other hand, Laura’s image also suffers from her husband’s crude conspiracy theories – she lost a lucrative advertising contract. The pop singer’s televised comeback has erupted and with it the half-million-euro fee the couple were supposed to get for the documentary. Money that the couple absolutely needs for their offspring. And then also Schlager’s seventh comeback…

Peter Klein instead of Michael Wendler: New star in “Krümels Stadl” in Mallorca

None other than Iris Klein’s (55) ex Peter (55) would have stolen the butter from Wendler’s bread. What many have forgotten besides all the drama of the case over Yvonne Woelke (41) is that Peter is also a pop singer, his singing career should now really pick up speed. And in Mallorca – the place where Wendler actually wanted to celebrate his comeback by singing. How “picture.de” reported, Michael Wendler allegedly demanded excessive fees for the grand opening of “Krümels Stadl” in Paguera in the southwest of Mallorca, more precisely 20,000 euros for the opening night of April 30 alone.

Robert and Carmen Geiss rebel against RTL2 because of the Wendler documentary – you can read more about this in the video.

Excessive fees: Michael Wendler wanted 30,000 euros for an appearance

A sharp price increase, in 2020 he would have received only 7,000 euros for the same concert – the concert ultimately failed due to Corona. But the 20,000 euro fee was not all Wendler was asking for. ‘Stadl’ owner Marion Pfaff (50) – also known as ‘Krümel’ – told ‘Bild’: “In addition, he wanted to be paid for a business class flight, shuttle service and a five-star hotel.” In total, it would cost more than 30,000 euros – too much for the restaurateur and singer. In any case, she has rejected the loan shark-Wendler for this year and already has an alternative in her bag: Peter Klein. She is already negotiating with him and the deal is almost done.

‘Stadl’ owner Pfaff: ‘See if he really keeps what he promises as a singer’

Of course, it is also an advantage that Peter Klein is also based on the Balearic island. “Since he lives in Majorca, it is obvious that we would like to try him as an artist”, continues Marion Pfaff. His plan: “Hire him once or twice to see if he really delivers what he promises as a singer.” A new star in the Majorcan sky? This should bitterly upset Michael Wendler…

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