Iris Klein After Marriage: she raves about her first date


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The marriage of Iris Klein (55) is over – her ex Peter is in love with Yvonne Woelke (41), the divorce can no longer be avoided. But the mother of Jenny Frankhauser (30) and Daniela Katzenberger (36) is a standing man. She also wants to try new things when it comes to love, and she had already announced her next date in advance via Instagram. Now the time had come: Iris was meeting her date – and couldn’t help but be thrilled.

“A real man”: Iris Klein on a date with her ex Peter

“He and I had a great date and are now meeting for lunch. He looks really good!” revealed Iris Klein in her current Instagram story. She also takes a little dig at ex-husband Peter, as her date is “a real man”.

She met him through mutual acquaintances, the rumor that they met on the dating platform Tinder was false. During the date, her phone rang – it was her daughters Jenny and Daniela who just couldn’t hold back and were dying to experience the “new”.

In the video, Daniela Katzenberger reveals what she thinks about her mom’s date.

Brad Pitt or Frying Pan Paul? Daniela Katzenberger is feverish on a date with Mama Iris

The girl’s check was positive, reports Iris Klein in an Instagram story, visibly relieved. There was dating advice ahead of time – even from rival Yvonne Woelke – and most importantly the cat was supportive of her mum. On Instagram, she shared her own nervousness with her followers and said in a video: “Now she’s met someone and he even looks really cool. Well, in photos they still look great. On Tinder they all look like Brad Pitt and at the end of the day there’s a Paul frying pan around the corner so I’m so excited.”

Daniela Katzenberger on Mama Iris: “If she no longer has a man,…”

“Whoa, I’m so excited”, continues Daniela Katzenberger, but is sure that her mom will rock it: “She’s the best milf on duty, if she doesn’t have a man left, then I’m going to die laughing She’s such a dilf and she’s the milf of it, she’s a really good choice.”

Daniela also seems to be done with her mother’s ex-husband and only wants one thing: “She can start over, you know what I mean. She’s a beautiful woman, she’s independent, she’s strong and how to say, as stupid as it all was, she’s looking forward.”

Never look back: this is the motto of Iris Klein in life

Yes, looking to the future is the new motto of Iris Klein’s life. The inscription “Never look back” – in German: Never look back! – the 55-year-old also has a tattoo on her left forearm. And what’s next with your date? According to his information in Instagram story, a second is currently in progress. Maybe she’s got the nervousness under control a bit – before meeting the new man, she also said, “I’ve been a faithful wife for 20 years and now I’m dating again.”

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