5 Lady Amelia Spencer She always felt a close connection to Aunt Lady Diana


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Lady Diana († 36) would certainly be very proud of her beautiful niece Lady Amelia Spencer. Now 30, she is the daughter of Diana’s brother, Charles (58), and has a twin sister named Eliza. The two even walked the runway together for London Fashion Week this year. But Amelia is not only a model, she also works as a wedding planner. Which is a perfect premise for their own wedding. Because the cousin of Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38) has been engaged since 2020 and will soon be walking down the aisle, as she recently revealed on Instagram.

And although Amelia was still a little girl when Lady Diana died, she always felt very close to her aunt, the 30-year-old once revealed to ‘Hello’: “Diana was an incredible icon and I know she touched hearts.” and the lives of many.”

We tell you more exciting facts about the late niece Diana in the video above.

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In addition to Lady Amelia, many other members of the royal family will marry in 2023

It’s not just Lady Amelia Spencer who will be walking down the aisle in a few weeks. Other royal weddings are also planned for 2023 and will certainly bring some tears. In Jordan, for example, two marriages are celebrated at the same time. On the one hand, Crown Prince Hussein (28) will marry his sweetheart Rajwa (28) on May 1 and Hussein’s sister Princess Iman (26) also got engaged last year and will therefore say yes to his partner this year.

With one click on the video below, we show you which royal couples will also walk down the aisle in 2023

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