Courtney Love slammed ‘sexist’ Rock Hall of Fame members


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Singer Courtney Love (58) has harshly criticized the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In an opinion piece published in the British “Guardian”, the widow of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) and singer of the group Hole accuses the Hall of Fame of the American city of Cleveland of “sexist guarding”. Only 8.5% of all musicians inducted into the Hall of Fame are women, according to Love, citing a calculation by music journalist Jessica Hopper.

Courtney Love: Kate Bush as a particularly striking example

As an example of what she criticizes, Love cites 1980s icon Kate Bush (64). The musician not only burst into the limelight of a whole new audience last year thanks to the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, but he was also “a visionary” who was the first artist to have a number one hit. in Great Britain with “Wuthering Heights”. which she also wrote herself.

Eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2004, Bush first made the nominees list in 2018, and is nominated again this year.

Love goes on to say that only nine of the 31 members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee are women, and 90% of those eligible to vote and thereby determine Hall of Fame induction are men. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame calls Love “a king-making force in the global music industry.” Inclusion would significantly affect artists’ performance opportunities as well as their ticket prices.


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