This is Andrea Sesma, Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s new girlfriend: influencer, mother and ex of a footballer


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Considered one of the most desired men in our country, Miguel Ángel Silvestre He has always tried to keep his private life in the background. Something that has not always been possible, not only because of the popularity he achieved in 2008 with the series ‘Without tits there is no paradise’, but also because of the famous women with whom he has been related.

That was the case for Bianca Suarez, with whom he coincided in the filming of the film ‘The Pelayos’, and with whom had a persecuted three-year relationship. Since then, there have been several women with whom he has been seen, although none have turned out to be anything serious.

Become the golden bachelor For a long time, Miguel Ángel Silvestre seems willing to find love. Something that has led you to start a new relationship, with which he seems to be most excited.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre, most passionate with Andrea Sesma

This is how we have been able to see it this week in the pages of the magazine ‘Lecturas’, which publishes some images of the most famous actor passionate with his new partner, Andrea Sesma.

Oblivious to the looks of the people, the couple enjoyed a sunny day through the streets of Madrid where they were most complicit and affectionate. Laughter, kisses and hugs starred in a most special date between Miguel Ángel and Andrea, before she set sail for Mexico, from where she has witnessed how their romance came to light.

Who is Andrea Sesma, Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s new girlfriend?

With just turned 28, Andrea Sesma is a well-known influencer who has seen how in the last hours the number of followers on your Instagram profile grew remarkably. Through her social networks, where she usually shares many aspects of her life, such as her passion for sports, fashion and travel, something she shares with the actor, we have been able to discover that Andrea find Currently in Mexico with some friends.

Andrea is not a stranger to the world of the heart. For a decade, maintained a solid relationship with the Athletic Bilbao player, Iker Muniain, whom he married in June 2017. After several years of dating, the couple found I do want in a romantic wedding held in the Basilica of the Virgin of Begoña, in Bilbao, attended by numerous teammates of the footballer and some well-known faces from television such as Dani Martínez or Julián López.

Andrea Sesma and Iker Muniain
Andrea Sesma and Iker Muniain got married in June 2017.gtres

Parents of two children, seven-year-old Iker Jr. and three-year-old ClaudiaAndrea and Iker separated in 2021. In fact, the last image that the influencer shared on her social networks with the father of her children was in January 2021.

The other loves of Miguel Ángel Silvestre

As we said, Miguel Ángel Silvestre has always tried to be discreet with his private life. In fact, except for her relationship with Blanca Suárez, and the one she had with fellow actress Belén López, whom she met in 2005 during the filming of the series ‘Personal Reasons’ and with whom she dated for six years, none of their romances have been confirmed.

The fact that the actor does not confirm the rumors about his love life does not mean that they are not true.

In recent years, the clever paparazzi have discovered Miguel Ángel Silvestre, on both sides of the puddle always very well accompanied. Names like Albania Sagarra, Patricia Guirado, Claudia Ruíz and even her partner in ‘Sky Rojo’, Lali Expósito, have been some of those who have been related to the actorwho has always known how to avoid giving explanations about his private life.

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