Rodion Gazmanov denied rumors that he was beaten in the USA


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The son of People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov, singer and actor Rodion got in touch with fans on one of the social networks after rumors of beatings in the United States. He denied the fake, showed his face and showed that he was in Moscow, starring against the backdrop of the Kremlin.

He was outraged by a video circulating on the network, in which an unknown man said that Gazmanov Jr. allegedly opened a coffee shop in Chicago, hung a Russian flag there and turned on the Russian anthem, which caused the anger of local residents.

“Hello to all the morons spreading the news about the Chicago coffee house. Of course, this is not true,” Channel Five quoted Gazmanov as saying. According to the artist, no one “cut him, beat him or shot him.” “Apparently, even on the information front, the ukrobots are so bad that they throw out fakes that no normal person would believe,” concluded Gazmanov, who decided that the fake was the work of Ukrainian ill-wishers.

Statements that he has his own cafe in the United States, he also denied. Earlier, Rodion Gazmanov compared the soundtrack with a rubber woman.

Source: Woman.Rambler


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