Star Comedy Woman spoke about a nervous breakdown Fedunkiv


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AT FAMETIME show Laura Dzhugeliya, comedian and ex-participant of the Comedy Woman show Tamara Turava spoke about an unpleasant episode that happened on the set of a TV project.

According to Tamara, Marina Fedunkiv was very tense before the fight with another participant in the show.

“One day I was literally buried on stage. Gave a funny text. Then Fedunkiv spoke very sharply. She talked about the fact that everyone wants to merge Tamara. I was in a hurry. I didn’t understand why she said that. I thought I did something wrong myself. She said so, and I thought. But not immediately, but later, after. She knew everything, ”the star is convinced.

When Turava tried to clarify the situation by calling Fedunkiv in for a conversation, the dialogue did not work out. According to the actress, the colleague had a protracted conflict with other members of Comedy Woman.

Recall that Marina Fedunkiv left the show after a fight with the TV project actress Nadezhda Sysoeva.

Read also the Rambler’s exclusive interview with Maria Fedunkiv about humor in Russia.

Source: Woman.Rambler


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