This is the horoscope prediction by zodiac sign for Saturday March 18, 2023. Check your sign in


The weekend will start quite well for you thanks to the favorable influences of the Moon and several planets that will be of great help so that things turn out the way you would like. Even if you have to work, you will enjoy a harmonious and fruitful day. You will feel very optimistic and the facts will support you.


The stars are going to provide you with a good day, but in which perhaps you will be too focused, or even worried, about material issues and those that are related, directly or indirectly, to money or property. But that won’t obscure the fact that it will be a day tailored to your wishes. Family joys.


If you have to work today, things will go quite well for you, you will have a very dynamic and fulfilling day. But in case it is your day off then you will behave almost as if it were a day at work, displaying a great activity and trying to solve all kinds of pending issues. Anyway, the wind is blowing in your favor.


A day of pleasant surprises related to your intimate life awaits you, especially a meeting, the arrival of a loved one or a date that is especially desired and important to you. The bottom line is that this is a good day, one of the few moments when you can feel happy or relax your tormented soul.


A magnificent weekend begins for you, full of dreams and illusions. An active and conducive day to take all kinds of initiatives related to leisure, your vocation or other types of personal desires. Especially favorable for traveling and getting away from your immediate surroundings, for living and feeling new things.


As happens very frequently, for you the arrival of the weekend does not mean the arrival of rest or even leisure, but generally the work continues and only a change of scenery. Your great search for perfection and order leads you to be in a permanent attitude of work, as is going to happen to you today.


The motto of this day today could only be that famous one that says that “there is no good that does not come by evil”, because the things that you expected or had foreseen are going to collapse and, however, in the end another will end up coming out very different plan and at the same time much better and happier. A day of great contrasts but in the end favorable.


A very active day awaits you and full of tasks, as if it were another day of work, only with other different activities. If you have to work that day, you will work hard, but if you have the day off you will take care of a lot of things that you cannot do at other times. Good for sports activities of all kinds.


Great need to travel, to get out of your usual environment, to get away from the everyday that is suffocating you day by day. An excellent time to get in touch with nature or the sea, which are the elements where you feel happiest. If you have no choice but to work then you will devote yourself to fantasizing about an immediate trip.


You have a hard time relaxing, letting go of tension, letting yourself go. You always dream of the moment to let go and be happy, abandon yourself to joys and pleasures. But when that moment arrives, you cannot abandon the tension that always accompanies you and is linked to your deep need to control the situation. This is what will happen to you today.


After a favorable time in which you have sometimes felt happy and things have gone according to your wishes, you will suddenly plunge into melancholy and pessimism due to sentimental reasons or, simply, of an emotional nature. Perhaps you seek solitude or you withdraw a little from those around you. But it is temporary.


Today the influence of Neptune, in transit through your sign, predisposes you to suffer some upset or disappointment in matters of the heart and everything indicates that a difficult day awaits you in the emotional field. Your dreams and illusions will collide painfully with reality, but deep down, fate would be doing you a great favor.